28th Commonwealth Agricultural Conference comes to Northlands

Northlands secures bid to host international agriculture conference in conjunction with Farmfair International 2018

EDMONTON, AB – Northlands is pleased to announce that it has successfully secured the bid to host the 28th Commonwealth Agriculture Conference to coincide with one of Canada’s top agriculture showcases, Farmfair International in 2018.

“Northlands is dedicated to positioning Alberta as the top destination for agriculture on the worlds-stage,” says Sharilee Fossum, Acting President & CEO, Northlands. “And as the producer and host of one of Canada’s largest agricultural showcases, there is no better destination than Northlands for international industry delegates to connect.”

The 28th Commonwealth Agriculture Conference will mark the event’s second visit to Alberta and will take place at the Edmonton EXPO Centre from November 3-5, 2018, preceding Farmfair International. The conference will focus on the success of Alberta and Canada’s agriculture industries while providing a forum for discussing mutual successes and challenges in agriculture around the world. Hosting over 300 international delegates from across developed and developing nations of the Commonwealth, participants will partake in a pre-tour focused on taking conference attendees to tourist attractions across Edmonton.

“The Royal Agriculture Society of the Commonwealth is delighted to award Edmonton’s Northlands with the winning bid to host the 2018 Commonwealth Agriculture Conference,” says Michael Lambert, Honorable Secretary, RASC.  “The opportunity to align our conference with the provinces premiere agriculture showcase, Farmfair International, and one of the oldest and most established agriculture societies in Canada, Northlands, is a second-to-none opportunity for the conference,” says Lambert. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to learn from Northlands about the success of Alberta and Canada’s agriculture industries.”

In conjunction with the Royal Agriculture Society of the Commonwealth (RASC), Northlands is pleased to offer a scholarship for $1,000 dollars CDN for Next Gen delegates to travel to the Commonwealth Agriculture Conference in Brisbane, Australia October 21-24, 2014. A second scholarship for $1,000 dollars CDN will be awarded to a Next Gen delegate from a developing Commonwealth country to attend the Brisbane Conference.

About the Commonwealth Agriculture Conference

Since 1963, the Commonwealth Agriculture Conference has been held biennially in Commonwealth nations across the world and is designed to give delegates a taste of the agriculture industry in that region of the host country. Developed by the Royal Agriculture Society of the Commonwealth (RASC), the Commonwealth Agriculture Conference 2018 will mark the conference’s fourth trip to Canada.

About the Royal Agriculture Society of the Commonwealth (RASC)

Founded in 1957, the purpose of the RASC is to encourage and arrange an interchange of knowledge and experience in agriculture throughout the Commonwealth, working with and through the leading national Agricultural Show Societies. Its primary objective is to hold a biennial Commonwealth Agriculture Conference and to give members and interested organizations a platform to network and explore their interests, opportunities and mutual challenges in agriculture. The RASC encourages high standards of practice in agriculture shows and aims to aid developing nations where agriculture education and expertise is urgently needed increase food production.