Agri-Expo’s New General Manager

We are thrilled to hear the news that one of our Trustees, Breyton Milford, has been appointed General Manager of Agri-Expo (the Cape of Good Hope Agricultural Society). 

We wish Breyton the very best of luck and are sending him huge congratulations from the full team here at the RASC. See below a snippet from their press release announcement: 

“Mr Breyton Milford has been appointed as Agri-Expo’s new General Manager.  Milford has to date been the Operations Manager at Agri-Expo and knows the organisation well.  The Council is excited about this appointment and believes in his contribution to the new era Agri-Expo is entering.

“According to Milford, he is privileged to serve Agri-Expo and its members.  “I believe that this is a new era in Agri-Expo’s history.  We will have to follow a ‘back to basics’ approach.  To ensure sustainability, all new projects will have to pass a strong affordability and relevancy test while promoting agriculture.  I look forward to refocusing and streamlining Agri-Expo”.