Children’s Countryside Day 2015

Children’s Countryside Day June 2015

This year’s Children’s Countryside Day is taking place on Thursday 4th June 2015. The event is celebrating the traditional methods of preserving food, with their theme ‘The Northumbrian Pantry’. Forty schools from across the North East will amass with over 1,500 children excited to take part in the award winning event.

Each school attending the Children’s Countryside Day has been invited to design a poster to advertise what they would have in their ‘Northumbrian Pantry’. From pickles to preserves, smoked to salted meats, cured meats to compotes, there were many ways to keep food before artificial preservatives became the norm. The focus of the theme will be on the seasonality of everyday foods, how they were preserved in the past and how and why certain foods are still preserved today. The event will also highlight that preserving foods helps reduce food waste at home. The posters will be displayed at the event.

The Glendale Agricultural Society organised event, gives children between the ages of 5 and 9 first-hand experience of rural life. Each year, over 65 local businesses and community led organisations showcase their skills and crafts to educate the children about food, farming and the countryside.

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