Conference FAQs

Where will I be staying?

RASC has secured a number of venues next to, or within a short distance of Edinburgh Airport.

These are offered on a first come basis. Bookings after March w ill need to find their own accommodation so we recommend booking early.

Will I need a VISA?

Those who require VISAs to visit the UK are encouraged to apply as soon as possible through the UK Government website, as some VISAs can take up to 6-months for approval.

If you require a letter of confirmation that you are attending the conference, please do get in touch.

Are bursaries available to help with my costs?

Next Generation bursaries of £150 are available by successful application, but these only apply to first-time NGs who are members of Member Societies that pay £300 or more for membership of the RASC.

How do I get to Perth to attend the Pre-Conference Tour?

The best option is to take the Train from Edinburgh Waverley or Edinburgh Haymarket to Perth there are direct trains running.

Will there be a guide for those not attending the conference but travelling with delegates?

Yes, a detailed plan will be available for partners of delegates nearer the time. This will include the best of Edinburgh’s attractions and eateries (with discounts and suggestions).

How will I receive my tickets?

All tickets purchased will be emailed electronically through Ticketsrv. Should you need any further assistance, please contact us via email.

What is the closest airport and train station?

The closest airport is Edinburgh Airport, and the closest train station is Edinburgh Waverley, which also has direct links via the Tram network to the hotels selected for the conference.