Glendale Agricultural Society Sends Next Generation to Singapore


Edinburgh based Farm Consultant, Jack Frater, originally from North Northumberland has been selected to represent the Glendale Agricultural Society (GAS) at the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) Conference, being held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore this November.

A farmer’s son from Boulmer Hall Farm, near Alnwick, Jack will be attending the conference as the ‘Next Generation’ delegate.

One of the smallest Agricultural Societies in the UK, GAS is also renowned for being one of the most proactive and progressive.  Priding itself on highlighting and addressing issues affecting agriculture and the community, the society became a member of the RASC six years ago, which has enabled it to send its third delegate to this international conference.

A former pupil of the Duchess High School, the chosen delegate, 24 year old Jack has had an upbringing steeped in agriculture.  Graduating from the Royal Agricultural College in 2013, with a degree in Agriculture, Jack began working for Andersons Northern as a trainee Farm Business Consultant, where he has worked ever since.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for me,” says Jack, “My brother Matthew, attended the conference a few years ago and I know he took so much away from it, it was something I definitely wanted to apply for.

“I am keen to meet like-minded people from all over the world, pick up new ideas and to learn about the issues currently being faced by farmers from a global point of view.  It will be interesting to see how it can benefit not only me and my career, but also the famers in north Northumberland and Glendale.”

On making the announcement, Simon Orpwood from the GAS, and Trustee of the Royal Commonwealth Agricultural Society said: “We were looking for someone with an abundance of enthusiasm, and a keen interest in the agricultural sector.  Jack was born and bred, immersed in Agriculture and so was the ideal candidate.  The society would like to wish Jack all the best on his travels to Singapore.”

Jack’s trip will be funded partly by the GAS with Anderson’s Northern also contributing.  The remainder will be self-funded.

The RASC Next Generation scheme looks for candidates under the age of 40 with an involvement in agriculture who also have the potential to contribute to the long term face of agriculture in the region, the country and the Commonwealth. During the conference, the RASC coordinates a separate Next Generation Forum where future leaders of the Commonwealth Agricultural Societies meet together, learn and discuss related issues.

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