Henry Rainford obituary

Dr Henry Rainford will have been known to many as a very regular attendee of RASC Conferences and contributed to many of those conferences. He was a lifelong supporter of the Jamaica Agricultural Society the RASC member in Jamaica and he did much to foster their membership which culminated at his instigation in Jamaica being chosen to host the 1977 RASC Conference.

A lifelong farmer and an accountant Henry joined the Jamaica Livestock Association as their accountant soon becoming the Association’s CEO. He turned around the near bankrupt concern into a thriving business. For this and his exceptional contribution to the Jamaica agricultural industry Henry was given the honour of the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander in 1995.Besides bringing the RASC conference to Jamaica he also brought the prestigious InterAmerican Confederation of Cattlemen’s Conference to Jamaica in 1979 and served on the International Committee of the Houston Livestock Show the largest in North America.