Looking for Young Agricultural Ambassadors from across the Commonwealth to travel to Malawi June 2014

Looking for Young Agricultural Ambassadors

from across the Commonwealth to travel to Malawi June 2014

The Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) has arranged for the 4th Next Generation (NG) Understanding & Assistance Mission to take place in Malawi, June 9-22, 2014.

This 14 day agricultural mission will begin in Lilongwe and end in Blantyre with numerous rural stops along the way. This experience will provide many learning opportunities between agricultural stakeholders in Malawi and the participating young leaders, under the age of 40, who share a passion for rural sustainability.

They will be given the task of helping host the Phalombe District Agricultural Show aimed to encourage agricultural excellence through competition and provide agricultural awareness and educational opportunities to over 500 local farmers.

          “The (3rd NG Understanding & Assistance) Mission (to Singapore & India) has reinforced the importance of education; to give, share and receive such a precious gift has the power to make real change no matter which country you call home.”  – Stephanie Tarlinton, Australia

        Representing ASC of NSW & RAS of NSW

During the mission, participants will have the opportunity to speak with government officials, industry leaders, small-share holder farmers and members of the press. A mission diary is collected from personal experiences which will then be transformed into a book for all to read. Financial support is always welcome to help sponsor participants from developing Commonwealth countries.

Many agricultural societies have supported the involvement of their NG leaders in the past including: Agri-Expo and Western Cape Department of Agriculture – South Africa, Royal Bath & West of England Society – United Kingdom, Kranji Countryside Association – Singapore, Agricultural Societies Council of New South Wales & Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales – Australia.

The RASC would like to welcome young agricultural ambassadors from across the Commonwealth to participate in the 4th NG Mission to Malawi. The cost for twin share is $2,500 USD or a single supplement is available for an additional $650 USD. This includes all meals, accommodation, transportation and a contingency based on a minimum of 12 people but does not include return airfare and travel/health expenses.

Travel is the ultimate inspiration and opportunity to gain global perspectives. Participants will return home motivated to become involved in their communities. Léona Dargis from Canada is the RASC Honorary Next Generation Facilitator and she is certain that this will be the best mission yet!



For more information contact:

Léona Dargis

Honorary Next Generation Facilitator

Alberta, Canada

Email: [email protected]