Making the most of the RASC Conference – Janelle Anderson

janelleNG Janelle Anderson from Scotland gives her advice on making the most of a RASC conference. 

I have been given such amazing opportunities through attending 4 conferences, particularly the chance to visit countries and businesses which I would never have seen otherwise. Having met so many likeminded people from around the commonwealth has reinforced that there is so much more happening around world and that many places do have the same challenges as we do in this small part of Scotland. I have made friends who will be friends for life with the only down side being that they are scattered around the world! (thank goodness for Social media!)

Attending the conferences has lead to many other experiences, from speaking to many farming groups about our travels, representing the RASC at a Commonwealth reception at Buckingham Palace and I have no doubt it has played a part in me being elected as President of The Royal Northern Agricultural Society this year.  I’d like to thank the RHASS for the their sponsorship over the years and encourage anyone considering attending the conference either this year or in years to come to take up this very unique opportunity.

  • Take any opportunity to meet and mix with all delegates of all ages – A lot can be learned from everyone who is attending!
  • Take plenty notes when on the tours – as much as it may be easier just to listen you never know when you will be asked a question once you are home!
  • No matter how late a night you have had the evening before, be sure to attend all the conference or tour as you don’t want to miss out on anything!
  • You have been given an amazing opportunity to attend on behalf of your Agricultural Society so make the most of it!