Marshal Papworth Unveils New Scholarship Programme


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Marshal Papworth unveils new scholarship programme

The Marshal Papworth Fund, which helps to educate agricultural and horticultural students from developing countries, is looking for funding to help build upon its accomplished scholarship programme and offer its new short course for the benefit of more students.

With the effects of Climate Change reaching the headlines on a daily basis, coupled with the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, which shows that Climate Change will hit poor countries hardest. The need to help educate agricultural students in such countries on the merits of sustainable farming is paramount and fundamental for future survival.

Having successfully trialled the short course in 2011, with eight students, the Marshal Papworth Fund hopes to assist up to 15 suitable students per year from some of the poorest countries, as recognised by the United Nations, around the world in completing the 10-week practical qualification course. Providing each student with the skills and practical guidance needed to establish a small demonstration farm within their home communities upon their return.

Developed in partnership with Shuttleworth College in Bedfordshire, the tailor-made short course aims to develop demonstration farmers. Primarily designed for hands-on students, the course is open to those who can demonstrate a strong commitment to helping their community and its agricultural development.

Chairman of the Marshal Papworth Fund, James Parrish said: “As predictions that world hunger will worsen as Climate Change effects crop production and with the number of people at risk of hunger climbing, embedding sustainable farming skills could mean the difference between life and death. The IPCC has already stated that most developing countries are facing Climate Change now, so the need to develop and adapt to new methods of farming are essential. Through our short course we are able to identify key individuals
from within these communities, whose skills we can develop and who can in turn teach others within the community to adopt these new skills. Due to the length of course it means that students can begin to implement change within their own communities much more efficiently.”

Focussing on introductory key units in animal and plant husbandry, hand tool and small machinery operations and trainer skills, the course helps students increase their knowledge and develop their skill-set. In addition, students also study a unique Marshal Papworth Fund module, which concentrates on small scale business management including specialist activity to support the use of computers and technology. At the end of the 10-week course students achieve a BTEC Level 2, practical vocational qualification.

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Bridget Nikor from Nigeria was one of the first students to complete the short course, she said: “This has been a very rewarding experience. The method of teaching was excellent with combined discussions and practical sessions. Taking this experience and putting it into agricultural practice will help change things in my community for the better.”

In the twelve years since the Marshal Papworth Fund was formed it has empowered over one hundred students, from developing countries to achieve their dreams and help their home communities. To sustain this and make it possible for many more students from around the world to benefit from its programmes the fund relies on donations. It costs on average £5,000 to run a 10-week cost for one student, which includes travel, tuition fees, accommodation, subsistence and Visa applications.

There are a number of ways to help the Marshal Papworth Fund educate agricultural students on the merits of sustainable farming: by making a donation, by sponsoring a student, or by working with its team to develop a tailor-made support package as part of a company’s overall Corporate Social Responsibility plan.

To find out more about supporting the Fund, please contact Sandra Lauridsen on 01733 363514 or email [email protected] for more information. If you’ve enjoyed learning about us and would simply like to make a donation please visit


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About Marshal Papworth:
Marshal Papworth is a charitable Fund formed in 2001 from funds bequeathed from Marshal Papworth, an east Anglian farmer. It is wholly managed by the East of England Agricultural Society. Through its scholarship programmes the Fund develops life changing, land-based skills, enabling students, from developing countries to facilitate sustainable farming within their own communities.

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