Meet the 2013/2014 Marshal Papworth Students

Marshal Papworth student Peter Musinguzi

Peter Musinguzi            

Country – Uganda

Cranfield University

Course – MSc Integrated Landscape Ecology

Peter is single with two orphaned children. He attended Makerere University in Uganda in 2008/2011 Qualification – Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Land use & Management.

He is currently working as an Agricultural Advisor with Kabarole District Farmers Association (KDFA) at the same time helping as a Monitoring and Evaluation officer in the coffee gender value chain project. His job involves:

  •  Facilitate formation of vibrant farmer groups and maintain a health extension structure of the organisation
  • Supervise and appraise the sub county based field advisors
  • Conduct training of trainers for sub county field advisors and community based trainers
  • Compile monthly ,quarterly and annual reports
  • Carry out training needs assessment for extension staff   

On completing his MSc Peter will return to his job with KDFA as his position is guaranteed to spearhead training, proposal development and lobbying for programs and projects relating to land management and natural resource management while training FDFA staff and the district executive board to become agents of land management in their respective areas of origin.

Marshal Papworth student Elias Phiri

Elias Phiri       

Country – Zimbabwe

Cranfield University

Course – MSc Community Water & Sanitation

Elias is married with 3 children. He attended University of Zimbabwe in 1999 Qualification – Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering awarded a 2.1, he also attended University of South Africa in 2009 Qualification – Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Project Management awarded a pass.

He is currently working as Programme Officer – responsible for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) with the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) in Harare. His job involves:

  • Coordination of all WASH activities of CAFOD and its partners in Zimbabwe.
  • Providing technical  support and designing capacity building programmes related to WASH
  • Designing new proposals for funding and ensuring that all programmes comply with donor requirements

On returning home Elias will return to his job at CAFOD and make a difference at work and in the communities he serves.

Marshal Papworth student Sabino Amadra

Sabino Amadra

Country – Uganda

Bangor University

Course – MSc Agroforestry

Sabino is married with one child. He attended Makerere University 2003 Qualification – Bachelor of Science in Forestry, 2nd class honours.

 He is currently working with National Forestry Authority, a semi-autonomous government agency mandated to manage central forest reserves in the country in a sustainable manner. He holds the position of section manager responsible for:

  • Preparing quarterly and annual work plans
  • Supervise field operations and account for funds
  • Collect forest management data & protect forest reserves
  • Coordinate and liaise with NGO’s, local communities and others stakeholders in the development and implementation of forest management plans
  •   Ensuring good public relations.

 Since May 2012 Sabino has been on a 10 month international assignment supported by Fredskarpset-Norway, where he was sent to work in Tanzania with Ngorongoro conservation Area Authority as an exchange participant. He was responsible for Guiding expeditions, handling visitors/tourists to the conservation area and carrying out conservation awareness program.

 On returning home he would like to work with his employer National Forestry Authority and later pursue further studies and enrich his knowledge to serve the community better.

Marshal Papworth student Munyaradzi Chikerema

Munyaradzi Chikerema (Munya)

Country – Zimbabwe

Writtle College

Course – MSc Livestock Production Science

Munyaradzi is married with 2 children .He attended Midland State University – in 2006 Qualification – Bachelor of Science Natural Resources Management and Agriculture Honours Degree (Livestock and Wildlife Management) 

 At present he is employed as an Agricultural Consultant specializing in rural community development, through provision of technical and advisory services. This is directed towards governments’ agriculture and community development departments and community based non-governmental organisations (NGO’s). His main responsibility is to train and exchange innovations for sustainable agricultural practices within/between rural communities of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.

 On returning home he wants to design and carry out advanced training of farmers and TOT’s (training of trainers) involved in community development. This will be in relevance to the newly acquired knowledge and skills from Writtle College.

Marshal Papworth student David Mulabi

David Mulabi

Country – Uganda

Reading University

Course – MSc Commination for innovation and development

David is single. He attended Makerere University in Uganda in 2003 Qualification – Bachelor Degree in Development Studies. He then went on an International summer school at Oslo University, Norway to study Post-grad in International Development Studies.


David currently works as a coordinator for the Community Development Programme at the Uganda Czech Development Trust .His main duties are:

  •  Project proposal writing
  •  Implementation and supervision of the community development projects
  •  Finance management ( budget preparation, expenditures and financial reports)
  •  Monitoring & Evaluation of projects, regular reporting.
  •   Identifying and networking with relevant training institutions, potential donors and other stakeholders
  •  Follow-ups to ensure payment of beneficiary contribution on subsidized inputs
  • Conducting community needs assessment planning of the communities in target areas.

 When David returns home to Uganda he wants to continue in rural development work .His aspiration is to gain more expertise in the development discipline and become a more skilled community development manager to effectively partake in the fight to reduce poverty and inequality which affect his country.


Marshal Papworth student Tamba Dalton Kassoh

Tamba Dalton Kassoh

Country – Sierra Leone

Reading University

Course – MSc Food Security & Development

Tamba is Single .He attended University of Sierra Leone – in 2004 Qualification – Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education – awarded a degree.

 Tamba is a District Field Operations Officer for the rural and private sector development project under the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food security.

He is responsible for:

  •  The mobilization and education of farmers to form formidable working groups.
  • To give technical advice in preparing & execution of project proposals
  •  Organisation of farming projects
  •  Processing and grading of farm produce for market
  • Forecasts and other sustainable farming operations

 Upon completion of the course Tamba will go back to Sierra Leone where he is badly needed and has loved to work for his people since his graduation in 2004