NG Neumbe Rebecca Wagamala

Full Name: Neumbe Rebecca Wagamala

Show Society: Uganda Oilseed Producers and Processors Association

Occupation: Admin Secretary/Farmer mobiliser

Tell us how you came to be involved with NG?

I came to be involved in NG when we received an email from RASC asking for a representative from our society who is 40yrs and below to attend the 24th Commonwealth Agricultural conference 2010 in Scotland. I applied and was successful, that’s when I came to know about NG

Why do you think NG is important to the Agricultural Industry?

NG is important to the Agricultural Industry because they are the leaders of tomorrow so they have to participate in policy making and bring solutions that can been seen, offer young farmers a voice.

What issues are you hoping to discuss at the upcoming Brisbane Conference?

I will talk about the issue of market sourcing, net working and value addition. In my home country a farmer is not benefiting when it comes to market sourcing and value addition, it’s the middleman who eats big.

How has RASC furthered the NG mission?

RASC has furthered the NG mission by support offered during the mission especially NGs from developing countries are always funded by RASC.

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Neumbe Rebecca Wagamala

What does the future hold for the NG mission?, the knowledge they keep sharing 

The future for NG is bright. As NG delegates meet during the mission transferring especially from developed countries to developing countries will strengthen Agriculture.

What is YOUR vision for NG?

NG delegates to promote Agriculture world wide by transfer of knowledge and keep networking for a bright future