About the Next Generation

The RASC Next Generation (NG) is a forum which brings together people under the age of 40 from across the globe, who share a common interest and passion for Agriculture.

Involvement of the Next Generation

The involvement of the Next Generation (NG) within the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) and its member societies holds significant importance.

Since 2004, the NG has been organising its own biennial conference preceding the main RASC Conference, facilitating the exchange of information and knowledge among its members. Over the years, the NG conference has grown in prominence, serving as a platform for NGs to engage, share experiences, and establish connections with like-minded individuals.

This conference not only provides an opportunity for active participation but also encourages youth involvement in their local and national agricultural show societies. It serves as a conduit for networking with peers from various corners of the globe, fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas.

The RASC is committed to nurturing the next generation of agricultural leaders across the Commonwealth and promoting engagement in agriculture and agricultural shows. Through its initiatives, the RASC extends support to member show societies, empowering youth to play an active role in shaping the future of agriculture on both local and global scales.

NG Conferences

2008New Zealand

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