• plans and holds a biennial Commonwealth Agricultural Conference to give RASC members, and other interested organisations allied to farming, the opportunity to network and explore their interests and mutual problems in agriculture.
  • encourages high standards within Agricultural Shows
  • organises a biennial Next Generation mission to a commonwealth member state Today’s young are the leaders of tomorrow.
  • strengthens and improves relationships between the member show societies within the Commonwealth through The Next Generation Forum, designed to enable them to play their part in the development of the RASC and their own societies before the biennial conference, and The Chief Executives’ Seminar afterwards
  • supports Member Societies in developed countries in raising their sights beyond their local environment towards those countries where agricultural education and expertise is urgently needed to enable food production to be increased.
  • works closely with the Commonwealth Secretariat as the only Commonwealth agricultural NGO
  • participates in setting the agenda for agriculture in the Commonwealth.