The RASC is dedicated to promoting open communication between the Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth. Joining us will give you the opportunity to share your ideals across a global spectrum, with advice and information offered throughout your membership.

Membership Benefits

• In addition to this you will also secure a place at The RASC conference held every two years.

• We have the opportunity to further develop the partnerships between the commonwealth countries, resulting in a supportive body for agricultural societies across the world

• Showcase your society and help us to further engage with Agricultural bodies across the Commonwealth by joining today and new ideas, fresh campaigns and unique tools could be at your fingertips. Still not convinced? Why not see what our current members have to say about their friendship with RASC…


“There are many benefits to being a member of RASC, primarily it has provided the ability to engage with leaders of the different Agricultural Societies – many of whom face the same challenges as the Royal Highland and this allows great benefit from the experiences of others.”

Stephen Hutt at RHASS

“The RASC has furthered the NG Mission (Understanding & Assistance) by bringing about the creation of the NG group to begin with and then supporting them in their goals.”

Michael Halliday at STFA

We asked Greg Smith, Chief Executive, Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA), to offer a perspective on what the RASC means to him and how it benefits his organisation:

“I’ve only known about the RASC for a few years personally but its relationship with the RNAA reaches right back to 1957. But from here in Norfolk we might ask why we’re involved with ‘the voice of agriculture in the Commonwealth’? Put quite simply, I can see several key benefits:

  1. The RASC is a unique, agricultural, organisation that reaches around the Commonwealth and beyond. As such, it is a terrific network that brings all together with one aim – supporting agriculture.
  2. The RASC also provides development opportunities for our members, including NGs. The Commonwealth Agriculture Conference – and its pre- and post-conference activities is excellent, and I’ve come away from the two I’ve now attended with new ideas that have had direct benefit to our association.
  3. The RASC provides a ‘bridge’ to the major Shows and Fairs organisations in the world – and it ‘reaches back’ to the Commonwealth (and its Secretariat) through which we can exert influence on policies that affect agriculture and food production across the world.
  4. And looking to the future, the RASC’s Next Generation offers unparalleled experience and opportunity for the young people who’ll be leading and shaping agriculture in the future. In addition to making new friends, our NGs have come back inspired and with tangible benefits from the places they’ve been to.”

Greg Smith, Chief Executive, Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA)