RASC Conference – Singapore Flower Festival

Singapore Flower Festival

Speaker Mr Dennis Lim of the National Parks Board of Singapore

Mr Lim started his talk by telling us what the National Parks Board did. He explained that they were responsible for all the 350 parks in and around Singapore as well as the entire roadside planting and in between the carriageways. The mature trees which you see all down the carriageways are grown in Singapore nurseries, as well as the flowering bushes.

Mr Lim then talked about the Singapore Flower Festival.

The biennial Singapore Flower Show started in 2006 in the Convention Centre in Singapore which was 20.000 sq metres of space, held indoors. Gardeners came from Asia in 2006 for the 1st Singapore Garden Festival but as it was successful, in 2008 designers from all over the world came with their award winning gardens and floral displays. The Singapore Flower Festival was held in the month of December.

 But over the years it has become so big and popular with exhibitors and visitors from abroad and locals that in 2014 it was decided to move the Singapore Flower Festival to the outside at The Garden in the Bay, which trebling the size to 90.000 sq metres of space. They decided to change the time of year of the event to March in 2016.

In 2014 The Flower Festival show cased over 250.000 plants with over 1000 different species from over the world from over 50 designers from 15 different countries. There were 15 Landscape and fantasy gardens as well as Orchid displays using over 18000 plants with over 40 orchid species and hybrids. They had an attendance of over 300.000 visitors during the 9 days.

This event has got as large as The Chelsea Flower Show in London, which is an annual event.

Singapore is reaching out to over 20 million individuals globally including over 470.000 visitors during 2016 which lasted 9 days. The visitors came from Singapore residents International visitors, tourists, Education students, VWOS and green enthusiasts.

Singapore has displayed at The Chelsea Flower Show in London and the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in Australia.

Mr Lim said The Singapore Garden Festival is Asia’s best garden and flower show that attracts serious gardeners, hobbyists and those are looking for fun for all the family. It is a spectacular Garden Show of colour and creative’s award winning designers from all over the world show casing their stunning creations.

He showed a video of the 2016 Singapore Flower Festival. It was stunning to watch.