RASC Newsletter – April

A warm welcome to our latest newsletter.
Our hearts must go out to all the people in Ukraine who are suffering at the moment and I do hope that peace will soon come to the country. 
The thanksgiving service took place at Westminster Abbey for HRH The Duke of Edinburgh on the 29th March at which our Chairman, Sir Nico Bacon, attended. It was HRH The Duke of Edinburgh who founded the RASC. 
We have the thanksgiving service for Lord Vestey on the 4th May which I and some of the Trustees are attending. 
I am delighted to hear that the Sydney Show went so well and was opened by our President HRH The Princess Royal. 

We have had a good Spring here, with a good lambing and calving, and all the spring crops have gone in well. Our eldest son, who farms in the South Island of New Zealand, has had a wet second half of their Summer – how the weather changes. 
I would like to congratulate Rebecca Dawes on her engagement. This is fantastic news and we wish her the very best. 

The picture of our Treasurer doing a little moon lighting! Commentating at the Buccleuch Point to Point. 

I hope we see some of you at the AGM.

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Simon Orpwood, Honorary Liaison Officer.