Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the development of agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, and rural environments, promoting their growth and resilience for the benefits of communities and the environment alike.


Our overarching goal is to promote high standards in sustainable agriculture, forestry, and fishing while simultaneously elevating the rural economy through enhanced production.

We strive to cultivate awareness among the general public and consumers regarding agriculture and rural issues, and we actively support Agricultural Societies in their efforts to conduct development and extension work.


Our objectives encompass a range of initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration, advancing standards, and nurturing future agricultural leaders within the Commonwealth.

We host a biennial Commonwealth Agricultural Conference to provide RASC members and affiliated organizations with a platform for networking and addressing mutual agricultural challenges.

Additionally, we prioritize the promotion of high standards within agricultural shows and organize biennial missions to Commonwealth member states to engage the next generation of agricultural leaders, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping tomorrow’s agriculture sector.

We are committed to strengthening relationships among member show societies and enhancing the Next Generation Forum to empower young agricultural leaders in contributing to the RASC’s development and that of their own societies.

In line with our commitment to global agricultural progress, we support member societies in developed countries to extend their expertise to regions where agricultural education and knowledge are urgently needed to bolster food production.

Moreover, we maintain close collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat, serving as the sole Commonwealth Agricultural NGO, and actively participate in setting the agenda for agriculture across the Commonwealth.

Through these concerted efforts, we aim to drive positive change and sustainable growth within the agricultural sector on both regional and global scales.