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Joining us will give you the opportunity to share your ideas across a global spectrum, with advice and information offered throughout your membership.

To learn more about the RASC, its membership benefits and various membership options
  • Be part of a global network; united across the Commonwealth
  • Access to regular newsletters; promoting show dates, member activities and industry information
  • Involvement in RASC podcasts, webinars and seminars 
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  • Secure a place at, and send representatives to, the RASC Conference held every two years
  • Engage with the Next Generation of RASC, including the bi-annual Understanding Mission

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Membership Options

The RASC is self-financing and depends on membership subscriptions and the generosity of sponsors to carry out the Society’s work.


  • Full membership of the RASC is open to leading/principal Agricultural Show Societies or Associations of Farmers within the Commonwealth.
  • Associate membership is open to other well established Show Societies, Agricultural Colleges, Research Establishments or other agricultural organisations in Commonwealth countries.
  • Royal Show Societies in non-Commonwealth countries, which would otherwise qualify for full membership, would also be considered as Associate Members.
  • Individuals can join as Friends of the RASC.

Currently the RASC has over 50 Member Societies/Associates, a confederation of Commonwealth Agricultural Show Societies embracing over 21 countries across the world.