Understanding & Assistance Missions

Missions provide an opportunity between small-scale farmers and young leaders who share a passion for agricultural sustainability and for extensive and interactive learning.

The Objectives of Understanding & Assistance Missions

These missions aim to provide extension work in developing countries by offering hands-on assistance to local farmers. Through direct engagement, delegates contribute to the implementation of practical solutions and techniques, thereby enhancing agricultural practices within these communities.

Additionally, the missions seek to offer guidance and support to RASC Developing Country Member Societies in the organisation and execution of Agricultural Shows. By sharing expertise and best practices, these missions facilitate the staging of successful events that showcase local agricultural achievements and advancements.

The missions strive to strengthen links among young people, building networks for future assistance and cooperation. By fostering connections and collaborations, delegates cultivate relationships that facilitate ongoing support and knowledge exchange in the agricultural sector.

These missions also aim to increase respect and understanding among young future leaders. Through immersive experiences and cross-cultural interactions, delegates gain insights into diverse perspectives and practices, fostering mutual respect and appreciation.

The missions serve as a learning opportunity for sponsored NG delegates, enabling them to share and contribute their knowledge in the mission’s host country. By leveraging their expertise and experiences, delegates play an active role in advancing agricultural initiatives and practices.

Ultimately, the missions aim is to broaden delegates’ agricultural perspective, empowering them to create a positive impact upon returning home.

Mission History

During the Calgary Conference in 2006, the Youth Forum deliberated on the potential for collaboration among young agriculturalists, prompting the NG group’s visit to a developing country. Recognizing the value of such initiatives, the RASC embraced the idea, acknowledging the enthusiasm for collaboration within the agricultural community.

In regions with low literacy rates, particularly among rural populations, there is considerable merit in offering agricultural advice grounded in fundamental principles, often best conveyed through practical demonstrations. The participation of delegates from developing countries in these missions is crucial for knowledge transfer, especially when agricultural practices and techniques share similarities.

The interaction between visiting farmers and their counterparts from both developed and developing nations proves beneficial, fostering cross-cultural exchange and learning. The effectiveness of these missions is amplified by the diverse backgrounds and expertise of contributors.

The Next Generation has successfully organized three Understanding & Assistance Missions, held in Zambia (2007), Papua New Guinea (2009), and Singapore/India (2011). HRH The Princess Royal, in her capacity as President, has actively endorsed and supported the Society’s endeavours in developing countries. During her address at the CAC in Edinburgh, she emphasised the significance and impact of NG Missions on all RASC Member Societies, urging their participation.

The 7th NG Mission to the Caribbean was conducted in 2019, furthering the Society’s commitment to global agricultural development and cooperation.

Contact Next Generation

If you are interested in becoming part of the Next Generation, please apply to the RASC Member Society with whom you have existing involvement.

If you are not currently involved with an RASC Member Society but you would like to become involved, please contact the RASC Next Generation Facilitator. The facilitators can assist by putting you in touch with a member society in your region or country.

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