Member of the Month, Stephen Hutt at RHASS

Stephen Hutt at the RHASS

Tell us more about the RHASS and how it came to be a part of the RASC?

The main aims of the RHASS are to promote the land-based and allied industries of Scotland and to create a wider public understanding of the management of the land and rural resources. The society was one of the founding members of the RASC in 1957, recognising the importance of sharing knowledge across the globe and understanding that ability of the Commonwealth to be a key force in facilitating this transfer.

How has the RHASS benefitted from the Commonwealth relations?

There are many benefits, primarily tt has provided the ability to engage with leaders of the different Agricultural Societies – many of whom face the same challenges as the Royal Highland and this allows great benefit from the experiences of others.

What key learning points have been achieved through this communication?

Challenges and opportunities are rarely country specific, solutions are equally transferrable and that the asset of the ‘Next generation’ is immense and should be encouraged at every opportunity.

Has information and ideas shared by fellow societies been implemented throughout your organisation?

Without a doubt, some very specific to agricultural shows.

How do you hope your relationship will develop with RASC and fellow commonwealth organisations?

We hope there will be continued development as a personal level, and further development of ‘the mission’ of the RASC to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the Commonwealth of today with its varied aspirations and needs.

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