Press Secretary’s Welcome – April 2024

On April 11th, we’ve experienced 113 millimetres of rainfall so far this month in North Northumberland. The inclement weather has posed challenges during our lambing and calving season, yet we are grateful for the exceptional teamwork that has enabled us to manage effectively.

The relationships made and built through connections across the Commonwealth continues to be a source of inspiration. Recently, Will and Alex Prichard, along with Aled and Lisa Jones, represented the RASC at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney, Australia, extending support to John Bennett in his inaugural year as President of the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales. Their presence was well-received, underscoring the significance of John’s dedicated efforts on behalf of our organisation.

Additionally, I am pleased to hear that the Wanaka show enjoyed considerable success, with the showgrounds bustling with attendees and limited space for additional stands. Such achievements speak volumes about the dedication and hard work of all involved.

As we approach the upcoming conference, scheduled for June, I encourage everyone to stay updated through the RASC website, monthly newsletter and social media channels. Your continued support is invaluable as we prepare for this significant event, which has required considerable planning and coordination. Let us collectively ensure its success by spreading the word and fostering active participation.