Press Secretary’s Welcome – January 2024

I do hope that everybody has had an enjoyable Christmas with loved ones around. We were lucky to have two of our boys and their family here, but unfortunately not our son and his family who live in New Zealand. The festive season was busy, taking part in many country sporting activities over the period.

We were very excited when our youngest son, Nick, won a three-mile chase on a friend’s horse at Kelso Races just before New Year. Even the treasurer didn’t see that coming…

I am glad that bookings for the conference are now rolling in. Do remember that the Early-Bird Discount finishes at the end of January! In the meantime, we have weekly zoom meetings to update the sub-committee on what is happening with the conference which is most helpful.

We have had a very wet December with 147mm of rain. I’ve recently spoken to a friend on a farm in the Western District of Victoria in Australia and even there it has been too wet to cut wheat.

I do hope you all have had a very happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you in June in Edinburgh, Scotland.