A Successful Discussion

On Thursday 23rd February, the RASC took part in a hybrid discussion event – focusing on the ‘Next Generation of Farming’. This was hosted by the RASC, CSC UK and CSC Global Alumni, and attended by our President, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal.

The meeting was the idea of Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal that the two organisations join forces.

Our Chair, Sir Nicholas Bacon, lead the discussion, and it proved to be a fantastic afternoon of agricultural debate and thought. We touched on key areas including governmental challenges, adapting to unique industries, supporting consumers and working with market changes. 

The in-person part of the event was kindly hosted by CSC UK’s Vice Chair Mr Peter Flavel, CEO of Coutts & Co, at the bank’s headquarters, 440 Strand in London.  

As well as Sir Nicholas, three RASC Next Generation farmers joined remotely from different parts of the Commonwealth:

Mr Kenny Eng, Singapore
Ms Anna Nawa, Zambia
Ms Léona Watson, Yukon, Canada

Questions for the panel included:


“How do you see the future of food in cities evolving and what role can technologies such as vertical farms play?”

“Do you think agriculture is sustainable in cities?”

Yukon, Canada

“What are the challenges of food production in rural isolation?”

“What are other farmers from less isolated locations most surprised to hear?”


“Could you explain the role small-scale farmers play in Zambia and how you are supporting the communities to expand their farming operations?”

“How important is involving the family unit and wider community?”


“What are the challenges and opportunities for the next generation of farmers across the Commonwealth, based on your personal experience and collective experience as part of RASC?”

“How can the Next Generation community support farmers across the Commonwealth with knowledge transfers and skills development?”

“What can we do today across the commonwealth to enable the Next Generation to be the force for change that the industry needs?”

We would like to thank the many people who joined in person and online. Our extended thanks must also go to our three Next Generation farmers, and the whole team at CSC UK and CSC Global Alumni for bringing this event together.