Agricultural Society of Kenya

Agricultural Society of Kenya

The Agricultural Society of Kenya is the largest and most active RASC member in East Africa. Founded in in Nairobi in 1901 when Kenya was still a British colony they held their first show in 1902.

 The society expanded in the 1920’s with Branches in Nakuru in the Central rift Valley in 1920 and Eldoret in 1925. Further expansion occurred after the Second World War, but the main expansion took place after Kenya obtained independence in 1962 with branches opening across the country.

 Today the society hosts over 18 shows across the country attracting almost 2.5 million people. In addition to these shows the society organises a National Rally for the Young Farmers Club of Kenya, a national camp for young farmers and The National Ploughing Contest. In addition to this the society also organises a number of conferences including a 3 day National teachers Conference in Nairobi.

The largest show is The Nairobi International Trade Fair which is held at the Society’s Show grounds in Nairobi and attracts more than 450k visitors including many from overseas. The Society’s showground extends to over 250 acres and The Agricultural society of Kenya has just signed a “memorandum of understanding“ to jointly develop part of the show grounds.

In addition to the holding of shows and events the society also runs an extensive advisory service on behalf of the government to help farmers improve the standards of agriculture, horticulture, fishing and forestry.