Philip Bolam

Philip Bolam

It is with very great sadness that I have to report that Philip Bolam the Hon. Press Secretary of RASC from 1990 t0 2012 passed away on 12th April 2014.

Philip studied agriculture at Newcastle University during the war. In 1947 he joined the newly formed NAAS (National Agricultural Advisory Service) in Northumberland working in both Hexham and Berwick upon Tweed. Having made a mark for himself he was recruited by Emrys Jones to go as deputy to Derek Barber in Gloucestershire in 1958. From there he was to go to Norfolk in 1963 and finally to London in 1968 to head up the Advisory Services in the South West of England.

In 1973 Philip was recruited by my father Henry Lambert to head up and greatly expand the Agricultural division of Barclays Bank. Philip was to remain in that position until 1989 when by that time Barclays was the No 1 financier of agriculture.

Barclays had a large overseas division with strong representation in the Commonwealth and Philip was asked to advise on agricultural issues in a number of Commonwealth countries, especially in Africa. In 1980 Philip’s association with RASC started through his connection with the then RASC Hon Secretary Frank Francis. Frank, at that time was also the CEO of The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers and Philip served on the RABDF council. Philip’s interest in RASC grew and when my father was involved as Chairman of RASC Philip persuaded the Barclays Bank to generously sponsor a number of RASC conferences.

On his retirement from Barclays Bank Philip devoted more time to RASC affairs and became their Hon. Press Secretary in 1990 a role he was to hold until December 2012. Philip attended every RASC Conference from 1992 until the Edinburgh Conference in 2010. He was involved in many Commonwealth Associations and worked tirelessly to promote RASC within the Commonwealth and the Agricultural industry worldwide. His presence in London meant that he attended many Commonwealth functions and was very much the face of RASC. Philip was made an Honorary Fellow of RASC in 2002 in recognition for all the work he did on behalf of the Society.

He will be greatly missed by all his friends in RASC from all over the Commonwealth and we send our very best wishes to his family at this time.

Michael Lambert
Hon. Secretary RASC.